Dr. Ulf Hedin

Associate Editor

Photograph of Dr. Hedin

Ulf Hedin is a surgeon scientist and professor at the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institute. His research is focused on improving identification and treatment of carotid disease using large human biobanks for exploration of novel molecular targets with the ultimate goal to develop biomarkers, imaging and pharmacotherapy for carotid plaque instability.

Professor Hedin graduated from the Karolinska Institute with an MD in 1985 and a PhD in 1989 on a thesis in vascular cell biology. In order to implement vascular biology in a clinical context he joined Prof. Jesper Swedenborg at Karolinska University Hospital, in 1991 for training in vascular surgery. Mid-way through the training he did a fellowship with Prof. Alexander W Clowes, Seattle, USA in 1995-1996. After his return from Seattle, he created an independent research group with the mission to explore vascular cell biology in vessel wall repair and transplant vasculopathy. In the past years, the group has developed a strong translational research platform for human vascular disease through the creation of several biobanks connected to clinical information with the aim to reach novel insights into human disease that can be explored and validated in experimental models, especially with respect to unstable carotid atherosclerosis.

He acted as chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Karolinska University Hospital between 2010 and 2016, he has had recognized positions of trust in the European Society of Vascular Surgery (ESVS) and the Vascular Access Society and nationally for the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare, the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Society for Vascular Surgery, and the Lundbeck Foundation. In 2018, his research was awarded the Swedish Heart-Lung foundation's Grand Research Grant, awarded annually to one project in Sweden. His research group is currently conducting numerous national and international collaborative projects with research groups in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, USA, UK, and Norway. He has chaired several large research meetings in the field such as the ESVS Annual Meeting in 2014 and the ESVS Translational Meeting in 2020.

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