Aims & Scope

JVS-Vascular Science aims to be the premier international journal publishing "bench-to-bedside" Experimental and translational research underlying modern medical, endovascular and surgical investigation and management of vascular diseases. JVS-Vascular Science is dedicated to the science and art of vascular medicine, radiology, surgery and endovascular interventions. It aims to improve the science underlying the evaluation and care of patients with aortic, arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders by publishing relevant papers that report important scientific advances, test new hypotheses, propose and define new treatments and address current controversies. To achieve the goal of bringing bench research to the bedside, the journal will publish original laboratory and experimental clinical studies as well as review papers that relate to these aims. As the official publication of the Society for Vascular Surgery, the journal will publish, after peer review, selected experimental and translational research papers presented at the annual meeting of this organization and affiliated vascular societies, as well as original articles from members and non-members.